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fhuud.com website back online >>

  (from going offline, soon after 
      site launch for awareness
          that people are starving)

>> found a good 'food news' article 
   to go with the food safety CSIRO Article.

fhuud.com ~ website about food 
a URL similar to food.com
but already taken, soooo many recipies! :)

fhuud.com themes 
 ~ food industry and 'climate change'
 ~ food safety and choices
 ~ good 'food-news' 

[via usual website Articles hyperlink sharing]

csiro.au Article 
:: Have yourself a food-safe Christmas 
  ‘Tis the season to be jolly. 
    Here’s how to make sure it's 
     not the season to give your guests
      a foodborne illness.

abc.net.au news Article 
:: Sydney restaurant serves vulnerable patrons Christmas lunch

ozharvest.org Website 
:: Helping vulnerable people with food generosity 
  and sharing 'the harvest'. 

anyhooooo Thanks for visiting fhuud.com